What you need to know about CBD for inflammation

What you need to know about CBD for inflammation

What you need to know about CBD for inflammation

We’ve all battled with the presence of inflammation in our bodies. Whether you’ve knocked your knee or you’re dealing with a tight chest, inflammation is a sign that our bodies are trying to fix something. Often, there are cases where inflammation can be counterproductive, leaving you feeling unwell or inconvenienced.

Let’s join the conversation about CBD oil for inflammation with some important notes to take home.

Inflammation Must Be Taken Seriously

Extensive research has been conducted on the role that inflammation plays in causing distress in the body. We can attribute this consistency to our body’s immune system which produces a defensive cytokine response that ultimately results in inflammation. From diabetes to depression, it seems inflammation has a track record for being a major problem that disrupts our wellbeing and balance.

Is CBD An Anti-Inflammatory?

CBD (Cannabidiol) has many positive effects on the body, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) found in the body. This helps to regulate functions like sleep, the immune system, appetite, and pain. Making CBD oil arguably one of the best immune boosters and natural supplements for pain management and sleep.

How does CBD for Inflammation work? 

“How exactly does CBD reduce inflammation?” You may ask… Well, CBD modulates our endocannabinoid system by increasing the amount of our body’s own cannabinoid, Anandamide, amongst many other ways it works. Research has proven the benefits of CBD oil for inflammation. It can disturb the cytokine response our immune system produces, resulting in reduced inflammation.

CBD Dosage For Inflammation

The easiest way to properly dose CBD for a specific ailment is to purchase a CBD oil that’s tailored to that specific ailment. Then carefully follow the instructions on the packaging. – Try RETHINK CBD Relieve Oil for pain & inflammation, infused with turmeric and uncaria tomentosa for extra relief.

A good idea is to start low and slow, so you’ll start at the lowest possible dosage specified. Evaluate how you feel, and then if it’s not enough, increase the dosage slightly until you find the right dosage for you.

CBD Near You 

If you’re looking to try CBD products to help regulate any inflammation, get RETHINK CBD at leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide today. Speak to your healthcare provider to find out if CBD is right for you