All information supplied to Releaf Pharmaceuticals, will be treated as confidential and Releaf Pharmaceuticals will not disclose information unless legally permitted thereto. No information will be transferred to a Third Party without the explicit consent of the data subject unless legally obliged thereto. By providing the personal information, the data subject agrees that Releaf Pharmaceuticals may transfer the information to the following people and organisations in pursuit of the data processing set out in our POPI Policy.


* To the divisions and entities in Releaf Pharmaceuticals, including directors, employees, auditors who are authorised to process the information      

* To financial and government organisations who may request information from Releaf Pharmaceuticals, in which case the data subject will be notified in advance, the provision of such information, including banks, government, judicial, regulatory and law enforcement bodies including the South African Revenue Services and the National Credit Regulator;          


All personal information collected by Releaf Pharmaceuticals will be stored as follows:         

* In a secure and safe manner according to strict information security principles with safeguard to ensure its privacy and confidentiality            


A data subject has the following rights to his/her personal information collected, processed, and stored by Releaf Pharmaceuticals        

*Right to access to and the right to rectify or update the personal information collected;  

* The right to object at any time to the processing of the personal information in which event the consequences of the objection will be explained to the data subject;   

* The right to request Releaf Pharmaceuticals to no longer process the personal information of the data subject  should the information not be required for further processing or by law.           


Under no circumstances shall Releaf Pharmaceuticals be held liable for any damages arising due to incorrect bank details supplied.