About us

RETHINK CBD – Formulated by Releaf Pharmaceuticals

Releaf Pharmaceuticals is a thought-leading, South African-based, pharmaceutical company in the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) category of products – focused on creating and sharing scientifically backed, best-in-class products and solutions, which exceed the CAM/SAHPRA requirements within the CAM product categories.


Releaf Pharmaceuticals creates and shares primarily Herbal and Health Supplements that are scientifically backed.


Our solutions talk to the needs of a conscious, informed, health-focused community: people who proactively cultivate a healthy lifestyle and believe implicitly in preventative health. In addition, they expect their doctor or pharmacist to offer them trusted alternatives.


Our products help you to gain insight into conditions and how to manage them, with world-class alternative health solutions.

SAHPRA Compliant CBD



RETHINK CBD is first-to-market in South Africa with a CRI-endorsed, SAHPRA compliant, NAPPI-coded laboratory-formulated range.


In short, it is a CBD product that you can trust and take daily, with absolute confidence in the integrity of our formulations.

Every batch of RETHINK CBD created is tested thoroughly to ensure our products are free from pesticides, herbicides, moulds, heavy metals, and other common contaminants.


To ensure the quality of our products we currently screen for over 300 pesticides, heavy metals, and Mycotoxins (aflatoxins). Every CBD batch is verified by independent GMP certified labs that crosscheck our results.

Together with our manufacturing partner and our Swiss supplier, RETHINK takes testing very seriously and invests heavily in ensuring the highest quality output.


Our products are tested by our European supplier and then retested in South Africa – before they reach the shelf.


We strive to constantly improve our product and to ensure quality and consistency is consistently above par.

Quality High-end CBD & Hemp Products:

– Full Traceability – Soil-to-Shelf
– Non-Chemical CO₂
– State-of-the-Art Laboratory
– 3rd Party Quality Assurance
– Non-GMO & Gluten-Free
– Pure European Grown Hemp from Switzerland
– Less than 0.001% THC
– Pure, Isolate CBD


RETHINK laboratory analysis is certified and standardised, to align with the following protocols:

– HACCP certified
– GMP certified
– FSSC22000 certified
-Pure Certified